How should I care for my Christmas Tree?

Keep your tree well watered, making sure you check it every day. Keep the water level above the base of the trunk. If possible keep your tree out of direct sunlight and away from heating ducts to prevent browning and drying. 

How long will my Christmas Tree last?

If properly cared for your tree should last over a month in your home or office. Trees will naturally deteriorate over time so getting your tree closer to Christmas is the best way to ensure it is bright and fresh for Christmas Day.

When do you start delivering?

Deliveries start from November 23rd until December 15th. Getting your order in early helps us ensure a fast and convenient delivery.

Does someone need to be home to accept the delivery?

If nobody is home we will leave your tree in a safe location. Leaving out a bucket of fresh water on your delivery day is a great way to make sure your tree keeps fresh. Please make sure we have safe access to your premises. If there is no safe place to leave your tree it may not be delivered.

Will you come into my home and install the tree?

We prefer to leave this to you so you can take the time to make sure the tree is in the best position and placement that suits you. Our trees come netted so they are easier to move around. Once in place simply remove the net!

Can you come and collect my tree after Christmas?

We sure can! Just choose 'yes' on the collection dropdown box when you order. Your tree will be collected between:

Monday January the 4th to Friday the January 8th.

Please leave your tree in a safe location outside your premises for our friendly team to collect. 

Can I come and pick up my tree?

Absolutely! Many people prefer to see their tree and choose the one they want. Simply pop down to Bob's Firewood Yard, 380-382 Kororoit Creek Rd, Williamstown North VIC 3016. Trees will be available from November the 24th 2020.

What happens to my tree after Christmas?

We think the best thing that can happen to your tree is to see it return to the earth. That's why we will turn your tree into mulch, compost and kindling. Better for us, for you and for the earth.